Leaders hanging out with students at a basketball game.
Ballard High School:
Anna Rittenhouse
Tyler Jasper
Sarah Jasper
Zoe Bernard
Randy Gesell
Will Taylor
Sydney Greif
Eastern High School:
Amanda and Dave Phillips
Jeremy Brown
Sam Richardson
Cole Burch
Hailey Wachter
Uof L College Fellowship:
Stephen & Kari Corsi
Adam & Jennifer Gohs
Chloe Burrell
Alysse Coonrod
Capernaum (for students with disabilities)
Rachel & Nick Hudson
Alex Levesque
Hannah Moon
Callie Duncan
Tea Cahill

​Interested in becoming a leader?


If you are a follower of Christ, care about teenagers and want to be part of an extraordinary group of people, then maybe Young Life leadership is just for you!

Too many Christians today are sitting on the sidelines missing out on the incredible life Christ offers us simply because they are not willing to jump in and give their lives away!  Real joy and transformation only happens when we engage our faith and step out and take risks sharing our lives and God's love with others. 

As a Young Life leader you have the opportunity to be part of an incredible mission with unlimited opportunities to grow and be changed and have a lifelong impact on teenagers. Being involved in ministry allows God to do way more IN you than He will THROUGH you.

However, being a leader is difficult, painful and requires a lot of sacrifice as we walk the long and difficult teen years with kids. It will demand more of you than you think you're capable of giving, but you will experience Christ and community like never before!

You don't need experience with teens or youth ministry.  We'll equip you and train you.  All you need is a willing and teachable heart to fully engage in our fellowship of leaders and the world of teenagers.  

Contact our office if you would like more information abou being a leader.

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