Ongoing Involvement

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​There are a variety of ways you can get involved with Young Life!


1. Become a leader and work with students! This is by far the biggest and most challenging commitment, but it is also the most rewarding.  Don't worry if you feel inadequate or don't know what you're doing.  We'll train you and equip you to succeed. You can serve with high school students, college students or work with students with disabilites through our Capernaum ministry.

2.  Serve on our local Committee.  Made up of local Christian men and women this group oversees and manages all the "behind the scenes" work.  They meet monthly to work on and make decisons in areas of fundraising, strategic plans, growth, and supporting staff and leaders just to name a few. We are looking for talented men and women with experience working on organization boards and with non-profit groups.

3.  Parent Support Teams. Parents are critical for the start-up of Young Life at new schools and for the support of ongoing ministries. They are important advocates for YL in their community and around their schools, with administration, faculty and other parents, and can serve leaders at a particular school in so many ways.  We desire to have a Parent Support Team around each of our current ministries.

4. Prayer Partners.  Prayer is critical for the health and growth of all that we do in YL.  There are always things we need prayer for!  Would you consider serving on a prayer team that prays regularly for our staff, leaders, and kids?

​Part-Time Involvement


​If you don't have the time or energy to commit to an ongoing role, there are still many other ways to support YL!

1. Table Host at the Annual Banquet. We love telling people about Young Life and we are always trying to raise awareness and support in the community.  We host an annual banquet and need help getting as many people in attendance as possible.  Would you be willing to invitite your freinds, neighbors & co-workers to join you.  Held each year in early November.

2. Meals for Leaders.  Our leadership body gathers every Friday night for fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and training.  We love to share a meal before the meeting.  Would you be willing to make a dinner for the leaders or sign up to be on a rotation?

3. Help kids & leaders earn money. Since we are always doing fun and adventurous things, kids and leaders are always looking to raise a little extra cash.  Do you have any odd jobs or chores around your house or office you'd be willing to "hire" a student or leader to take care of for you? 

4. Golf & Guns Event- play and/or sponsor.  We host an annual Golf & Guns event each year in early June as a fundraiser for Young Life Louisville. Would you like to play? Sponsor a team or hole? Donate items for raffle prizes? Help with the set up and organization of the event?


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